Are you a photographer? Are you looking for a photographer? Either way, I want to talk to you!
But first a little about me, I suppose...
Personally, I spend way too much money on venti soy chai tea lattes. I have a healthy obsession with John Keats, as long as you consider having his signature tattooed on your body as being healthy. I am terrified of small talk, but I will talk your ear off about the random of things if you let me. Death Takes Holiday is my favorite film, and my music tastes range from Patsy Cline to Childish Gambino (and, since my husband introduced me to them, Rush).
Artistically, I am a simple gal who loves natural and authentic moments. I love collaborating with and learning from people to capture the beauty that is life, no matter whether it's having a fellow photographer with whom to capture the night sky or photographing a couple in a portrait session.
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